Contaminated IV fluid responsible for deaths in Alabama hospital

Montgomery Alabama hospital discovered bacteria in IV fluids which was responsible for the deaths of nine people.

A contaminated IV fluid may have been involved in the deaths of nine hospital patients in Alabama, health officials said.

Bacteria is transmitted only through IV fluids and the public is not at risk for contamination.

The number one reason parents spend time at the pediatrician’s office

Ear infections are one of the most common reasons parents take their children to the doctor.

A simple ear infection can turn to a chronic problem if not treated properly.

The symptoms can range from mild and can often go undiagnosed.

Regular check ups and prompt treatment can help prevent chronic infection.

Survival Strategies for the Upcoming Allergy Season

Did you know that commonly held beliefs about allergies are simply false?

From air purifiers to cold medicines there is a lot to know about managing your allergy.

You’ll find helpful hints and tips and allergy facts to help you cope this allergy season.

“It’s the worse allergy season I’ve seen in a decade. We haven’t experienced such high allergy counts this time of year.

They’re 20 [percent] to 25 percent higher than they usually are.”

More than 20 percent of Americans suffer from allergies, and 14 million will visit a doctor’s office this year and rack up $6 billion in treatment costs.

Combined, an estimated 4 million sick days will be taken because of allergies

Long-term tamoxifen therapy increases breast cancer survival

Cancer research has come a long way last 5 years.

Thanks to organizations like the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation once considered experimental drugs like tamoxifen are making headway toward a cure.

The findings showed that for every hundred women with breast cancer who completed a full five-year course of tamoxifen, the cancer came back in around six fewer women, compared to those who only took the drug for two years.
This latest British study, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology on Monday, also found that an added benefit of taking tamoxifen for five years was that it reduced the risk of developing or dying from heart disease.

The Top 10 Medication Mistakes Parents Make

Being a parent is hard enough but taking care of an ill child is even tougher.

Following physician’s instructions can sometimes be confusing.

Here are the 10 most common mistakes that parents make:

Doctors say many well-intentioned parents slip when giving medication. The mistakes listed here can prolong a child’s illness, cause bothersome side effects, and even sabotage treatment.

1. Consult Your Doctor
2. Measurements
3. Gauge by Weight
4. Check Your Doses

5. What to Look For
6. Follow Through
7. Don’t Use Old Medication

8. Quality, Not Quantity
9. Never Assume
10.How to Give Medication

Don’t panic, kids are pretty resilient.

A lot of love and little attention goes along way!

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