The 3 Food Traps to Avoid When You’re Depressed

Using food for comfort, eating too little and making poor nutritional choices are pitfalls that we all face from time to time, however, when you’re depressed these habits can create a downward cycle of depression and overeating that continues to get worse over time.

Read more to avoid these common food mistakes.

Most depression, over 90%, is treated on an out-patient basis but in cases of severe depression or treatment-resistant depression, some people need to stay in the hospital for a short time. You might check into the hospital yourself. Or you could be hospitalized under a doctor’s order. There is a powerful stigma associated with being hospitalized. Many people feel ashamed, as if it’s a sign that they are “crazy.” Some people fear that being hospitalized is the same thing as being institutionalized…

Albers tells WebMD that people often get trapped in a cycle of feeling trapped and hopeless about life and their poor eating habits, which causes them to become even more depressed. “It’s important to connect with other people so you don’t become too isolated. Talking with friends and a therapist can provide support to help you break out of that cycle,” she says.

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