Breast Cancer Risk Increases With Alcohol Use

Breast cancer risk rises with alcohol consumption in women.

The research, which looked at the habits of more than 100,000 women over 30 years, adds to a long line of studies linking alcohol consumption of any kind — whether beer, wine or spirits — to an increased risk of breast cancer. But until now the bulk of the research largely focused on higher levels of alcohol intake. The latest study is among the first to assess the effect of relatively small amounts of alcohol over long periods of time, drawing on a large population of women to provide new detail about the breast cancer risks associated with different patterns of drinking.

So, it seems that women need to weigh their risks of developing breast cancer from alcohol consumption or mitigating the risk of cardiovascular disease by consuming small amounts of wine.

While the conflicting information is confusing each women needs to consult with her physician to plot the best regime for her potential health risks.

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