Should We Be Concerned About Hormones In Beef?

Hormones in meat have been met with resistance and controversy.

Arguments on both sides of the issue have led to heated debate about the safety of hormones in use in factory farms.

In this article the author attempts to compare synthetic bovine growth hormone (RbST) with naturally occurring bovine (bST), hormone and hormones in plants and humans (HGH).

Felicia Stoler doesn’t acknowledge the slippery slope of problems created by the techniques of factory farming which lead to a torrent of ills.

The debate over whether to treat cattle with antibiotics is interesting – considering many of us would treat our pets with antibiotics if needed – why not livestock?

Antibiotics wouldn’t be necessary if cattle were fed grass instead of “feed” which contains corn, which cows can’t digest which causes bloat and extremely fast growth which leads to infections.

Artificially manipulating lactation for milk production also causes infection which demands antibiotic treatment, and this doesn’t even address the amount of puss from infection which is allowed into the food supply.

And, by the way, we don’t eat pets.

Tips For Dropping Your Winter Weight For Spring Break

Time to shake off the cold and get ready for fun in the sun.

Spring break is upon us and getting into a bikini should inspire anyone to shed the winter weight.

Here is just one of 5 great tips to quickly get your body bikini ready.

Cut liquid calories.
If you are trying to lose weight quickly, liquid calories — including sodas, juice, energy drinks, sweetened water, lattes and alcohol — may interfere.
Research shows that liquids are not as satisfying as solids and people do not eat less if they drink their calories. You don’t have to cut coffee completely, but have a splash of nonfat milk instead of a large latte. Sipping on green tea with a squeeze of fresh lemon is an even better idea, as studies show that the phytonutrients in green tea may help with fat burning, particularly during exercise.

Follow the link above for a menu plan of healthy meals for speedy weight loss.

Incidence Of Autism Higher Than In Past Decade

Rates of autism have risen from 1 in 100 children to 1 in 88.

April is Autism Awareness month and new figures released today in a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shown higher than expected incidence of autism.

“One thing the data tells us with certainty — there are many children and families who need help,” said Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC. “We must continue to track autism spectrum disorders because this is the information communities need to guide improvements in services to help children,” Frieden said.

Autism spectrum disorders are developmental disabilities that can cause language delays, impaired social and communication skills and repetitive behaviors. The group of disorders includes classic autism, as well as less severe forms of the condition, such as Asperger’s syndrome.

Increased awareness has led to more accurate diagnosis.

The earlier a correct diagnosis can be made the sooner intervention can begin.

Slim, Calm And Sexy!

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Did you ever wish that there were foods which could help you to become your slim, sexy and calm best?

Well, it looks like there are ways to achieve your goals through nature’s bounty.

Maintaining your body’s need for for vitamins, minerals and fiber you can help to balance your nutritional needs and end cravings and moods swings, as well.

More Reasons To Steer Clear Of BPAs

BPA has been found to be linked to obesity.

Bisphenol A is toxic and dangerous and so pervasive that it shows up in the urine of 93% of Americans over the age of 6 years.

The ubiquitous abundance of this organic compound is found in everything from the lining of cans to water bottles and a myriad of plastic products used by consumers everyday.

Aside from obesity concerns of BPA contamination include cancers and autoimmune diseases.

“During the development of the fetus, BPA exposure alters the development of stem cells,” vom Saal, a professor at the University of Missouri, said. “Think of it as tripping a switch in the DNA. BPA turns out to be a major factor in the number of fat cells that a person will have later in life.”

Critics label BPA an “endocrine disruptor” that acts like synthetic estrogen and link it to a wide range of ailments, including cancer. But its scientific defenders — as well as regulatory agencies in the United States, Australia, the European Union, Japan, and New Zealand — say there is no evidence that the minuscule exposure that consumers receive poses a health risk.

Although FDA approved the agency now recognizes “reason for concern” for the affects on fetuses and children.

The FDA Set To Approve Qnexa Weight Loss Drug

The advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration voted 20 to 2 to recommend approval of Qnexa, a “new” obesity drug that is simply the combination of two older medications, phentermine (the “phen” of phen-fen”) and topiramate (Topamax).

The old diet drug (phentermine), combined with an older anti-seizure medication (Topamax) have concerning side effects, including increased heart rate, heart attacks, and birth defects such as cleft lip.

Every year the average American consumes 24 pounds of French fries, 23 pounds of pizza, 24 pounds of ice cream, 53 gallons of soda (or a gallon each week), 24 pounds of artificial sweeteners, 2.7 pounds of salt, 90,700 mg of caffeine, and about 2,700 calories a day.

Does a pill really address this behavior?

By 2020, over 50% of the US adult population will have type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, with annual costs approaching $500 billion. By 2030, total annual economic costs of cardiovascular disease in the US are predicted to exceed $1 trillion. By 2030, globally we will spend $47 trillion; yes trillion, to address the effects of chronic lifestyle-driven disease.

Prescription medication for lifestyle disease has failed to bend the obesity and disease curve. Statins have been recently found to increase the risk of diabetes in women by 48%. And large data reviews by independent international scientists from the Cochrane Collaborative found that statins only work to prevent second heart attacks, not first heart attacks, which means they are not helpful and most likely harmful for 75% of those who take them.

Medication and surgery are not the answer to the growing obesity epidemic.

Lifestyle change is the safest, cost effective and most efficient way to address this national crisis.

Health Care Reform Interesting Facts

As the debate continues to address the constitutionality of national health care, 10 facts which are a part of the reform may impact your daily life.

Take a look at these 2 and read on for more.

A few little known facts about the health care reform law:

2. More breastfeeding rooms and breaks

Many working mothers now get a more appropriate place for expressing breast milk than they had before. Employers must provide “a place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from co-workers and the public, which may be used by an employee to express breast milk.”
Nursing mothers also can take “reasonable” breaks during the workday to express milk, as frequently as the mother needs. The exception is companies with fewer than 50 employees, which can claim it’s an undue hardship.

Effective date: March 23, 2010.

The law requires restaurants with 20 or more locations to list calorie content information for standard menu items.

3. Caloric reality at every major chain restaurants
Under the law, you would walk into a place like McDonald’s and see calories listed under every menu item — Big Mac (540 calories), McNuggets (10 pieces- 470 calories) and medium fries (380 calories).
The law requires restaurants with 20 or more locations to list calorie content information for standard menu items on menus and drive-through menus. Other fun facts like fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, sugars, fiber and total protein would have to be made available in writing upon request.
So far, there is mixed evidence about whether calorie postings sway nutritional choices.
The rule also extends to vending machine operators who own or operate 20 or more vending machines. The FDA issued a report in April 2011, and left out movie theaters among those establishments required to post calories. So, if implemented, you can tell how many calories your sandwich has at Subway, but you won’t be able to tell how many calories your buckets of popcorn have at the movie theater.

Effective date: The FDA has not yet issued a final rule, so there is no time line on its implementation.

These are just 2 of the provisions which will be put into place

Control Diabetes With Weight-loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery to cure diabetes is an absurd notion which fails to address the real problem behind this disease; lifestyle choices.

Dr. Mark Hyman has painstakingly studied this epidemic and offers real solutions for curing diabetes and also addresses the drawbacks to radical solutions such as gastric bypass surgery:

A report on the effectiveness of weight-loss surgery published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that within 3 to 5 years after laparoscopic gastric banding, as many as one-third of patients are not able to maintain weight loss due to noncompliance with a prescribed diet and other issues. Plus, the complications stemming from lap-band surgery were as high as 30 percent.

We also know that weight-loss surgery is not without risks. Altering the gastrointestinal tract can lead to nutritional deficiencies that require lifelong monitoring and supplementation of calcium, vitamin B12, folate, multivitamins, iron, and thiamine. And the psychological risks of these surgeries are often underplayed. In 2010, a study published in the American Journal of Medicine showed a dramatic increase in suicide among patients who had bariatric surgery, most occurring within three years following the surgery. (1)

Even more disturbing is the rise in overweight teens choosing weight-loss surgery. Since the late ‘90s, the number of weight-loss procedures performed on teenagers has skyrocketed. (2) Some studies show the mean age of these young patients is just 16 years old with some as young as 12! (3) Very few studies have looked at the long-term ramifications of these surgeries. What kind of problems are we passing on to our youth?

Does this costly and risky procedure truly address the root causes of Type 2 Diabetes?

Chocolate To Stay Thin?

Well, the good news is that chocolate may actually help you to stay thin even if you don’t diet.

What scientists are learning is that all calories are not created equal and our bodies don’t treat them equally.

Some foods contain substances which may actually helps us keep off the pounds.

“When people talk about the health benefits of chocolate,” says food scientist Joshua Lambert of Penn State University, “they typically talk about compounds called polyphenols.”

When he investigated some specific polyphenols found in cocoa, he found that they potently inhibit an enzyme, called pancreatic lipase, that’s responsible for digesting dietary fat.

This means that the fat in chocolate may exit our bodies before it has a chance to be absorbed. Or, in other words, these compounds in cocoa may help us fend off fat.

Trans Fats May Fuel Aggressive Behavior

A recent study has found a link between consumption of trans fats and aggressive behavior.

As if the already known health risks were not bad enough this finding is just one more reason to limit trans fats in the diet.

There is already substantial data from many other studies that high trans-fat consumption leads to a variety of poorer health outcomes, including heart disease and certain cancers.

The mean age of the participants was 57 years (range, 45 – 69 years), 68% were male, and 80% were white. The mean trans-fat consumption per day was 3.49 grams (range, 1.02 – 5.96 g/day).

The researchers collected nutrient data using a food frequency questionnaire; they collected information on behavioral acts of aggression toward self, others, and objects, with a variety of validated instruments, including the following:

Overt Aggression Scale Modified – Aggression subscale (OASMa)
Life History of Aggression (LHA)
Conflict Tactics Scale (CTS)
They found that participants who ate more trans fats had higher scores on each of these measures.

New York City has taken the initiative to limit how much trans fat can be used by restaurants.

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