Oncologists Call For An End To Tanning Beds

Skin cancers constitute nearly half of all new cancers in the United States, with more than 3.5 million new cases annually.

In the past 3 decades, melanoma-related mortality has risen in the United States by 690%.

The scientific case against tanning beds is strong. Of note, a recent study linked tanning-bed use during adolescence and early adulthood with a 2-fold increased risk for melanoma (Int J Cancer. 2011;128:2425-2435). A study of nearly 1200 melanoma patients presented at the 2012 American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting provided even more convincing evidence linking indoor tanning with invasive cutaneous melanoma, as reported by Medscape Medical News.

Nearly 26 bills intended to limit tanning bed use in the U.S have been vehemently challenged by the tanning bed industry. Nearly all were defeated.

Public safety, once again, takes a back seat to special interest.

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