Are Smokers More Addicted Now Than They Were in the Past?

Are todays smokers more addicted than smokers of the past?

Although today there are fewer smokers it is more difficult for them to quit smoking.

The authors suggest that current policies to reduce smoking — like heavy tobacco taxes and bans on public smoking— might not work as well as they have in the past, because they tend to treat smoking as a choice rather than an addiction. These public-health efforts “may be effective in prodding social smokers with genetic resilience to quit, but may do less to help genetically vulnerable smokers quit,” said Pampel. The research team recommended emphasizing therapeutic quit-smoking approaches instead, like nicotine-replacement therapy and counseling.

Smoking Myths Debunked! No More Excuses to Stop Smoking

There seems to be a never ending list of excuse from smokers who fail to quite this nasty, damaging, expensive habit.

Everyone is a victim of some major roadblock to good health.

Well, the buck stops here!

Read the top myth busting facts that will help you stop smoking for good!

Myth I’ve smoked for so long; the damage is already done.

Myth Switching to ‘light’ cigarettes will cut my risk

Myth My other healthy habits may make up for my smoking.

Myth Trying to quit smoking will stress me out — and that’s unhealthy.

Myth The weight gain that comes with quitting is just as unhealthy as smoking.

Myth Quitting “cold turkey” is the only way to go

Myth Nicotine products are just as unhealthful as smoking.

Myth Cutting back on smoking is good enough

Myth I’m the only one who is hurt by my smoking.

Myth I tried quitting once and failed, so it’s no use trying again.

What Happens to Your Body When You Smoke?

Don’t bother using any beauty products if you plan on smoking.

Smoking, even occasionally, can cause a lifetime worth of damage.

Read on to find out what happens within minutes of lighting up.

0 to 10 Seconds
As you take the first drag, smoke passes through your mouth, leaving a faint brown film on your pearly whites. Toxic gases such as formaldehyde and ammonia immediately put your immune system on alert, causing allover inflammation.

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