Whole Foods Refuses to Label Genetically Modified Foods

It is disappointing to learn that Whole Foods is unwilling to participate in the labeling of Genetically Modified Foods.

The one time leader of the “whole” food movement, organic and unadulterated food and humane and natural products has sold out to big corporations leaving the consumer in the dark to navigate the maze of agri-business on their own.

Making an informed choice about what goes into your body has just become a little bit more difficult and Whole Foods is complicit in the deception.

Whole Foods refuses to support GMO labeling.

McDonald’s Figured Out How to Ruin Oatmeal!

Is anyone surprised?

The oatmeal and McDonald’s story broke late last year, when Mickey D’s, in its ongoing effort to tell us that it’s offering “a selection of balanced choices” (and to keep in step with arch-rival Starbucks) began to sell the cereal. Yet in typical McDonald’s fashion, the company is doing everything it can to turn oatmeal into yet another bad choice. (Not only that, they’ve made it more expensive than a double-cheeseburger: $2.38 per serving in New York.) “Cream” (which contains seven ingredients, two of them actual dairy) is automatically added; brown sugar is ostensibly optional, but it’s also added routinely unless a customer specifically requests otherwise. There are also diced apples, dried cranberries and raisins, the least processed of the ingredients (even the oatmeal contains seven ingredients, including “natural flavor”).

A real recipe for healthy steel cut oats is so simple and delicious and can be made in large batches and kept in the refridgerator for quick and easy eating!

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