Addicts’ Brains May Be Hard Wired for Addiction

Some people may be born with brains which are hard wired to become addicted.

The new study shows it’s possible to identify people who have inherited a susceptibility to addiction. Further research will help researchers figure out how to help those who are susceptible and strengthen their self-control.

“We know that in people who are addicted to drugs like cocaine, that self-control is completely impaired,” she says. “These people use drugs and lose control on how much they use. They put everything at risk, even their lives.”

Being predisposed does not mean you are destined to be addicted.

Exercising self control can be perfected with practice.

Hard Wired to Be Fat?

Lasting brain injuries in a specific part of the hypothalamus may be responsible for making it difficult to lose weight and keep it off.

“To explain a biologically elevated body weight ‘set-point’, investigators in the field have speculated about the existence of fundamental changes to brain neurocircuits that control energy balance. Our findings are the first to offer direct evidence of such a structural change, and they include evidence in humans as well as in mice and rats.”

It may make the struggle to keep off the pounds more difficult, however, any effort to lead a more healthy lifestyle is beneficial.

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