The importance of relieving stress

The holidays are here, and this should be a time of the year where we unwind and recharge our batteries. Unfortunately, for many people the hustle and bustle of the holiday season drives up their stress level, with the need to get work done before vacation, screaming kids at home from school and of course the need to fight the crowds to get Christmas gifts.

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Natural Remedies For Headaches

When traditional therapies no longer work, natural remedies may be the only relief for headaches.

The good news is that a handful of supplements have proven to be effective in a number of small studies. Though supplement makers don’t have the big bucks to do large scale studies, smaller studies have convinced some specialists—and many patients—that some of these alt meds are worth a try, especially since they come with a low risk of side effects. Caveat: Always discuss your treatment with a doctor, and don’t take these supplements without consulting a doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

These are a few of the natural remedies that may calm your headaches.
Read on to see why they work and which will work best for you.

Vitamin B2
Vitamin D
Feverfew and Ginger

Holiday Migraine Triggers and How to Avoid Them

Holidays can be stressful and for those who suffer migraines excesses can make matters worse.

Listed below are just a few of the things that can trigger migraines.
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Pine scents

What to try: Avoid it! Seasonal scents including pine and cinnamon are a big headache trigger for some, making common spaces (offices, churches) a challenge.


What to try: Moderation. A little coffee, tea, or cocoa can actually help headaches, but too much can trigger them, New York City neurologist Dr. Audrey Halpern, says.
“I find that when I drink less coffee, my sinuses are a lot happier,” says blogger Lauren Levine. “I think this is because caffeine dries everything out. I find that my headaches are less frequent when I’m drinking green tea and water instead of tons of coffee (which is how I normally operate). It’s difficult but definitely worth it.”

Holiday foods

What to try: Some foods are known to trigger headaches for many people—and others (especially those rich in magnesium) seem to help prevent them.
Try to avoid red wine, beer, MSG, chocolate, aged cheese, sauerkraut, and processed meats like pepperoni, ham, and salami. Eat more spinach, tofu, oat bran, barley, fish oil, olive oil, white beans, and sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

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