Tips To Help Your Body Adjust To Daylight Savings Time

Turning the clocks ahead can have an effect on you health.

Chronic sleep deprivation causes a myriad of health problems so missing an hour may or may not impact you too much.

However, it is a bit like jet lag which can throw you off and may take a bit of time to catch up.

Check out a few of the ways that you can maximize your sleep time to maximize your health.

Late Night Binging Brings on the Bulge!

Does late night eating cause weight gain?

The debate has gone back and forth with no real scientific evidence either way.

Sleep in and of itself plays a huge part in proper weight maintenance.

The accepted widom was that a calorie is just a calorie, however recent findings may have proven otherwise.

Although researchers have found that late night eating does cause weight gain they are not sure why.

Not Everyone Needs 8 Hours of Sleep; It’s All in the Genes!

We all know those people who brag about not sleeping; not needing sleep or who consider sleep a waste of time and can function perfectly well on little sleep.

Well, with all the studies to the contrary it appears that there may in fact be a small percentage of people for whom these claims are true.

It seems that a genetic variation explains why some people can be considered the “Sleepless Elite“.

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