Men Who Cheat More Likely To Suffer And Die From Heart Attack

Just one more reason to remain faithful; your health!

Cheaters often have affairs with younger women and may use drugs or alcohol to “keep up” with their partners.

The added stress of deception causes physical symptoms, as well.

The researchers — from the University of Florence — examined the medical literature related to cheating by searching for “unfaithfulness,” “extramarital affairs,” “infidelity” and “men.” Reliable statistics about cheating are hard to find because most people claim to be morally opposed to cheating and don’t chat to scientists about it. The authors report that anywhere from 15 to 25 percent to as many as 30 to 50 percent of men cheat at least once in their lives. Then the researchers looked at a variety of physical and mental health factors and the rates they occur in both monogamous and un-monogamous men.

Although he did not participate in the study Dr. Marc Gillinov, a heart surgeon at The Cleveland Clinic and co-author of the book “Heart 411,” which looks at cases of sudden coital death, among other cardiac events concludes that many of the anecdotal evidence is indeed based on truth.

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