Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?

Mark Bittman has written a thoughtful article addressing some of the major points in the debate regarding nutrition and poverty in America.

The New York Times article, Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? is worth reading.

Bittman, while discussing issues such as availability of food, access and food assistance programs still does not recognize the context in which most food insecure people operate.

The assumption that everyone has the time and resources to prepare meals is recognized by Bittman, however, what is never addressed is knowledge.

Lack of education, not money, is the biggest obstacle to wellness.

Government Subsidized Obesity?

When you consider that there are more tax dollars being spent on junk food than on fruits and vegetables it seems obvious that there is a conflict of interest.

Spending tax dollars on health care to combat childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes while fueling the problem with those very same dollars seems like a fool’s errand, to be sure.

It makes the efforts of people like Michelle Obama look downright ridiculous in face of the facts.

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