What Whitney Houston’s Death Teaches Us About Addiction

Self awareness is critical to recovery.

Relapse is always right around the corner.

Addicts need to be aware of the triggers that draw them back into addiction and stay away.

Aside from any physical challenges, overcoming addiction is hard work mentally and emotionally. And if you let down your guard, warns interventionist and “How to Help the One You Love” author Brad Lamm, it can come back with a vengeance — as bad, if not worse, than before.
That’s why specialists say it is so imperative that an addict know what places, situations, smells are more likely to set him or her back.
They generally recommend that those who have been hooked before — on whatever substance — avoid situations like a raging party or raucous club scene, as well as that they take pains to limit their exposure to prescription drugs or alcohol.

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