Not All Obese People Need to Lose Weight

Some people manage to carry extra weight yet maintain active lives with no risk factors associated with obesity.

Use this guide to measure the 5 stages of obesity.

Stage 0: No apparent obesity-related risk factors (e.g., high blood pressure, cholesterol and/or glucose levels), no physical symptoms or limitations.

Stage 1: Subclinical risk factors such as borderline hypertension, mild physical symptoms such as shortness of breath with moderate exertion.

Stage 2: Presence of obesity-related chronic disease such as hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis with moderate limitations on activities of daily living.

Stage 3: Established end-stage organ damage such as heart attack or stroke with significant functional limitations.

Stage 4: Severe disabilities from obesity-related chronic diseases.

Read more to maintain your health at any weight.

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