Uk Doctor’s Survey Suggests A Change Of Thought

The profession which claims, “first do no harm”, has weighed in on controversial issues surrounding health care.

A survey of British physicians has revealed a paradigm shift in how medicine views patient responsibility.

“Lifestyle rationing” has become a way of qualifying patient care.

Health care budgets hit by rising costs and a huge increase in preventable chronic illness is reaching it’s limit.

The survey by, which claims nearly 192,000 members, found that 593, or 54 percent, of the 1,096 doctors who participated answered yes to this question: “Should the NHS be allowed to refuse non-emergency treatments to patients unless they lose weight or stop smoking?”

Doctors who approved gave a few examples, The Observer said:
Denying in-vitro fertilization to childless women who smoke was justified because the procedure was only half as successful for them as for non-smokers.
Obese or alcoholic patients should be expected to change their behaviors before undergoing liver transplant surgery.

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