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It’s no question that online poker has become one of the more popular games and that’s because it involves much more than mere chance. Being able to read players and anticipate their next move is a key asset of any skilled player. So it’s interesting to contemplate that doctors and nurses, who observe and read patients every day, might be well-suited as top-level poker players. An individual gives off subtle hints and signs that can give away an entire pot, but it all can easily be lost in translation to the untrained eye.

The Length of Time it Takes to Place a Bid

After you’ve been playing with people for a while, you should be able to pick up on their bidding behavior. For instance, you should know whether it takes each opponent five seconds to place a bid or 15 seconds. You might be able to tell when your opponent is bluffing when their bid length is unusual. So, watch out for when your opponents place a bid faster than usual or if it takes them more time than usual.

Players Have Unusual Chat Behavior

Another thing to look out for is when an opponent changes their chat behavior. For instance, if you are playing someone that uses the chat a lot, they might be trying to bluff if they stop talking all the sudden. The opposite is also true — if someone usually does not participate in the conversation at the table, and they start being chatty, it might be a sign they are bluffing. The best way to play poker online is to never chat, no matter what, so other players cannot detect your own tells as easily.

Players Make Unusual Bid Amounts

People tend to make bids in patterns, whether you play poker in USA casinos or out of the country. For instance, if they have a good hand they bid a certain amount and if they are bluffing they bid a certain amount. You can look for patterns in bid amounts from your opponents to figure out when they are bluffing. Also, be on the lookout for when someone makes an unusual bid amount when you’re playing on the Internet. It either means they have a really good hand or they’re trying to bluff. Bid amounts might be the easiest way to pickup on the tells of your opponents.

Can you think of any other things to look for when playing poker on the Internet? There is just as much strategy playing online as there is live in a casino.

On another note, poker can be a great diversion and stress reliever. When you consider how much stress has to do with overall health and wellness, picking up a hobby like poker can be a great idea for many people. Of course, just make sure you follow the advice above so you don’t hurt your wallet!

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