Diabetes Risk Needs To Be Taken Seriously

There are many who are at risk for diabetes who simply ignore the fact or don’t believe the threat of illness.

In fact, 79 million Americans may be prediabetic and don’t even know it.

Poor lifestyle choices, being overweight and lack of exercise are the contributing factors to a disease with overwhelming and life threatening implications.

If your doctor has diagnosed you as pre-diabetic it means that everything you are doing is leading you to develop this dangerous condition.

Work with your physician to make the necessary changes toward your best health.

Pain Reducing Dental Device Shows Promise

Feeling less pain at the dentist makes everyone happy.

Including the dentist.

A new device allows dentists to give injections relatively painlessly, easing anxiety for patients.

Prostate Cancer Screening Controversy Continues

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The debate continues over Prostate Cancer Screening tests and the new opinion is that screening with the PSA ( prostate specific antigen) may prevent 17,000 advanced cases yearly.

The problem with screening is how to proceed going forward if cancer is detected.

Watchful waiting or invasive treatments which may cause serious side effects are often the choice.

Many times the cancer is slow growing and would never had been detected as there are often no symptoms.

Last year, an influential organization called the U.S. Services Preventive Task Force (USPSTF) recommended against prostate cancer screening altogether, saying its harms outweigh its benefits.

Recent studies on the topic have also had conflicting results, with some suggesting prostate cancer screening saves lives, and others finding no benefit.

The researchers say their new findings should be taken into consideration when creating PSA screening recommendations.

“There are trade-offs associated with the PSA test, and many factors influence the disease outcome,” said study researcher Dr. Edward Messing, chairman of urology at the University of Rochester Medical Center. “And yet our data are very clear: not doing the PSA test will result in many men presenting with far more advanced prostate cancer.”

Should All Kids Be Screened For Cholesterol?

Should your child’s annual physical include a cholesterol screening?

And, if so, should the results warrant, should he be put on statins?

This is the debate amount physicians.

There is worry that pharmaceutical companies may have too much sway over doctors who may be influenced by money to push cholesterol lowering drugs on children.

However, a growing obesity rate would suggest that high cholesterol and the danger of developing heart disease is a real possibility.

The guidelines are endorsed by the Academy of Pediatrics, which publishes the journal that carried the critical commentary Monday. The panel recommends that all U.S. children should get blood tests for high cholesterol as early as age 9 and that testing should begin much earlier for kids at risk of future heart disease, including those with diabetes or a family history of heart problems. Treatment should generally begin with lifestyle changes including diet and exercise, the guidelines say.

Cholesterol drugs would be recommended for some kids, but probably less than 1 percent of those tested. But the advice says those drugs, including statins, shouldn’t be used at all in children younger than 10 unless they have severe problems.

The guidelines aim to help prevent and treat conditions in children that put them at risk for later heart-related problems. At least 10 percent of U.S. children have unhealthy cholesterol levels and one-third are overweight or obese.

How about preventing obesity and not taking the risk of side effects from unnecessary drugs?

Dr. Oz Approved Diet Foods

Any processed foods are a bad thing.

But always having to prepare meals can be difficult for even the most organized of us.

Along with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains a few healthy shortcuts can make it easy to stay on your regime without falling off the wagon.

Being able to pick up a healthy snack or prepared meal when you’re on the go will help to insure that you can always make a good eating choice wherever you are.

Chiquita Pineapple Bites, Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza and Lucy’s Gluten-Free Ginger Snaps are just three of the 99 choices.

Read the list for all the healthy options.

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