Would Taxing Junk Food Lead to Healthier Choices?

Eating healthy may require some help from Uncle Sam.

The United States government indirectly subsidizes junk food through national corn and soy bean subsidy programs, which help keep down the cost of highly processed food items containing corn and soy. Subsidization is clearly possible: all we have to do is switch the focus of subsidy programs to more beneficial foods, making it easier for everyone to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies.

This tactic has been bandied about regarding soft drinks and saturated fats but now, perhaps, a more unilateral approach is necessary.

Subsidizing health foods may be the incentive consumers need to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Check out the film making team of Joav and Shirah Potash.
They have produced the documentary, “Food Stamped” which highlights the stumbling blocks food stamp recipients face when planning to provide healthy meals for their families.

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