Lifestyle Trumps Bad Genes

If you feel that you have gotten a bum deal in the genetic lottery then take heart; a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet can undue bad genes.

Research shows that a healthy diet may undue a genetic predisposition to heart disease.

A diet high in fruits and vegetables appears to mitigate the genetic risk of a heart attack,” says researcher Sonia S. Anand, MD, PhD, professor of medicine and epidemiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The finding, if it bears out, could affect many people at risk for heart disease because of a genetic variant that researchers have only recently linked with heart attack. It could also call into question the suggestion that you can’t help your genes.

Predicting Breast Cancer Risk with Discovery of New Gene

A new breast cancer gene shows hope of determining a woman’s chance for developing the disease.

A woman harboring a CHEK2 mutation, for instance, would have a 34 percent risk of developing breast cancer if her mother or sister had the disease.

For women who test negative for the BRCA 1 this is great news for further early detection.

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