Stay Healthy For Labor Day Celebrations

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The last big holiday celebration of the summer season doesn’t need to end with high calorie overindulging, end of summer sun burn or food spoilage, for that matter.

A few a few last minute health reminders will insure that you and your guests say good bye to summer in style.

Keep Your Food Safe from Contamination:

Keep raw meat away from fruits, vegetables, or any other dishes that may be served cold to prevent cross contamination with microbes that can grow in raw meats.

Keep a meat thermometer handy to ensure all proteins are cooked thoroughly (aim for 145-160 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the type of protein and how well done you prefer it).

Perishable foods should not be left out for more than 2 hours. If it is above 90 degrees outside, no more than 1 hour.

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