The Lies Doctors Tell

If you are expecting to get the truth out of your doctor then think again.

Physicians aren’t being completely honest especially when it comes to medical mistakes.

With fears of medical malpractice a real concern, physicians may hold back on the whole story with their patients.

“Our findings raise concerns that some patients might not receive complete and accurate information from their physicians,” the researchers write in the February issue of the journal Health Affairs. The findings also question whether patient-centered care — which is a philosophy of medicine that respects the preferences, needs and values of patients — is possible without more openness and honesty, the researchers from Harvard Medical School said.

Asking questions, doing your research and being an informed consumer of medical services is the best way to achieve a positive outcome with your care.

Work out, baby on board

For women who exercise daily some mothers choose to continue their exercise routine well into their pregnancy, sometimes even up to their delivery.

It is the opinion of many that it is generally considered safe to continue with exercises like jogging, power-walking, working out at a moderate pace, lifting light weights, aerobic exercise or practicing yoga as these activities can be healthy not just for the mother but for the unborn baby as well.

Babies born to women who exercised during pregnancy were found to have healthier hearts.

Always consult with your physician when planning to embark upon an exercise regime.

“It’s exciting research,” Dr. May said, though it is also preliminary and incomplete. Just how a pregnant woman’s jogging or power-walking remakes her unborn child’s heart remains unknown, she said. Mother and fetus have, after all, completely separate cardiac systems and blood circulations. But certain hormones released during exercise do cross the placenta, Dr. May said, and could be stimulating changes in the developing fetus’s heart.

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