Young Adults Now Covered Due to Health Care Reform

Health care reform measures which President Barack Obama signed into law last year will help provide coverage for about 2.5 million people aged 19 to 25.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Wednesday that the provision that lets young adults remain on their parents’ insurance plans through age 26,

Federal officials credited the gains to the Affordable Care Act, legislation championed by President Barack Obama that took effect last year and is deemed the biggest overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system in nearly 50 years.

The law aims broadly to eventually provide medical coverage to more than 30 million uninsured Americans, and already allows young adults to stay on their parents’ private insurance plans through age 26.

Since the policy helping young adults took effect in September 2010, the percentage of adults ages 19 to 25 covered by a private health insurance plan has increased significantly, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said.

Obama Health Care Fails

The CLASS Obama health care program is not going forward.

Not enough young, healthy people are signing up to make the program financially viable.

The CLASS program was similar to long-term care plans available in the private sector in which workers sign up and pay a monthly premium. It was voluntary and was to be paid for entirely by the premiums from those who signed up. In return, subscribers would get a daily benefit.

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