The Urban Rebounder Adds Fun To Your Workout Routine

When you were a kid staying fit was effortless fun.

The Urban Rebounding workout brings back the playfulness of exercise with the added benefit of protection for your older joints!

More Intensity And Less Time To Improve Your Workout

Short amounts of vigorous exercise trump longer amounts of moderate exercise for health benefits.

Researchers found that the people who engaged in the most vigorous exercise reduced their risk of developing metabolic syndrome by two-thirds, compared with those who did no vigorous exercise, even when the total amount of calories per pound of body weight the participants burned while exercising was the same. Vigorous exercise includes activities such as running and jumping rope; moderate exercise might consist of walking or going for a leisurely bike ride.

The good news is that you can exercise less time and still reap the benefits of your work out as long as you kick up the intensity.

This is useful information for those who have busy schedules and little time to devote to physical activity.

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