The Importance Of Moving

Staying active is the best way to improve and maintain your health.

Doctors and researches were never quite sure exactly why it was important but now it is more clear.

During the three days of inactivity, volunteers’ blood sugar levels spiked significantly after meals, with the peaks increasing by about 26 percent compared with when the volunteers were exercising and moving more. What’s more, the peaks grew slightly with each successive day.

This change in blood sugar control after meals “occurred well before we could see any changes in fitness or adiposity,” or fat buildup, due to the reduced activity, Dr. Thyfault says. So the blood sugar swings would seem to be a result, directly, of the volunteers not moving much.

It is important to keep active even if only in short bursts if that is all that is possible.

5 minute breaks to do jumping jacks, run up and down the stairs or do laps around the house add up when you squeeze them into your daily schedule.

Find the time to get the 10,000 steps recommended by the American Heart Association into your day.

These 5 miles a day could save your health.

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