Children are Still Consuming Too Much Sugar

It is in the home, not schools or at social gatherings where children are being inundated with sweeteners.

Researchers have found that although beverages do account for a large amount of sugar in kids’ diets it is the hidden sugars in foods such as tomato sauce, muffins, cereals and everyday household items.

These sugar calories add up.

Simple carbohydrates such as pasta and breads also contribute to sugar in the diet.

With all the changes being made to food and nutritional guidelines in schools, it seems like the place where children come in contact with the most sugar is at home.

Almost everything we buy has sugar as an ingredient.

Over the course of the day children can consume a week’s worth of sweeteners.

Planning meals and reading labels is the best way to avoid unwanted added ingredients.

Eating meals as a family and introducing fresh fruits and vegetables also help to satisfy sugar cravings.

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