5 Tips To Prevent Facial Wrinkles With Age

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Wrinkles form on the skin as it grows old. Apart from the age of the skin itself, there are several other contributing factors to facial wrinkles such as smoking cigarette and UV Rays. Daily stress can also lead to its formation.

Facial wrinkles will form with age as it’s a natural process, but there are several remedies available that can be used to prevent and delay that glowing skin of young age from hitting the dimmer switch early.

To make your facial skin look younger and avoid the formation of unappealing wrinkles, here are some tips that you can follow:

1. Eat a healthy diet

Implement foods into your diet that are rich in antioxidants. Free radicals are formed when the skin absorbs UV rays. The free radicals can interfere with DNA functioning, causing changes that result in wrinkles.

Foods that are rich in antioxidants should be incorporated into the daily diet. Examples include fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, pomegranates and vegetables such as broccoli and spinach.

2. Use Topical Vitamin C and other skin applicants

Vitamin C reduces the damage done from free radicals and encourages the formation of collagen. Vitamin C is found in different fruits, but getting it enough to prevent wrinkles may not be possible through diet alone, as the rate of absorption is limited by the process of digestion.
Topical applications of Vitamin C will lead to a higher concentration being produced in the skin, leading to a glowing and youthful complexion.
You also have the option to buy Restylane and other effective skincare applicants in addition to Topical Vitamin C and use for wrinkle prevention.

3. Smile and be happy

Researchers conducted a study on identical female twins and found out those women who were divorced looked older than twins who were windowed or married, and those twins who were not on antidepressants had a younger complexion than those who were.
Staying happy and smiling on most occasions, along with being optimistic about life can help to prevent wrinkles. Being happy will also keep your mind away from worries even if you’re at the age of developing wrinkles. Be around people who make you smile and bring happiness into your life.

4. Get enough sleep

According to Nicholas Perricone, MD, Yale dermatologist, when you don’t sleep enough, excess cortisol is produced by the body, which is a hormone that leads to skin cells breakdown. Sleeping enough leads to the production of human growth hormone, which helps the skin to stay elastic and less prone to wrinkle development.

Apart from getting enough sleep, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends individuals to sleep on their back. This is because when you sleep on the side, pressure on the skin and cheeks can lead to wrinkles. Sleeping face down is the prime cause of wrinkle lines, which become prominent if there’s regularity in this position.

5. Protect the skin from sun

The skin’s water retention ability leads to wrinkle formation with age. There’s quite a difference between genetic mutations that take place in a skin that’s exposed to the sun compared to a skin that hasn’t. Exposure leads to greater mutations, which increases the risk of wrinkles, and even skin cancers.

Sun screens can be used from protection against wrinkles. Avoiding the sun all together may be a bad option as the skin absorbs Vitamin D from the sun.

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