The importance of relieving stress

The holidays are here, and this should be a time of the year where we unwind and recharge our batteries. Unfortunately, for many people the hustle and bustle of the holiday season drives up their stress level, with the need to get work done before vacation, screaming kids at home from school and of course the need to fight the crowds to get Christmas gifts.

Many of us are already dealing with too much stress in our lives, and we’re hearing more and more about how stress can negatively affect our health. People get headaches and have trouble sleeping when they have too much stress, and there’s more evidence that stress can be related to heart problems. It’s certainly not good for high blood pressure.

With all that in mind, people need to give serious thought to adjusting their lifestyle to relax more and ease their stress levels. It’s important to take breaks during the day, for example. Regular breaks can do wonders and also give you more energy.

Hobbies and recreation are also great ways to relieve stress. Of course the activities can vary dramatically. Some people like to run or work out, and that may be the best option. Burning calories and clearing your mind can be doubly beneficial. Other ideas are more subtle, like spending time with friends, meditating, playing video games, enjoying casino games on sites like, having a regular card came with friends, walking your dog, etc. You can even try a weekly breakfast in bed with your partner. The possibilities are endless. The idea is to find ways that help you decompress and take your mind off the things that bring on stress.

Of course, some activities might bring on other kinds of stress. Don’t agree to coach little league baseball if you’re hyper competitive and get all riled up at games. And don’t pick activities that will make your already hectic schedule seem even more loaded up.

One thing I recommend to many people is taking walks after dinner. Try it. It works wonders.

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