10 of the Nastiest Chemicals Found In Cigarette Smoke

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If you’re a smoker or someone close to you is, you may be surprised to find out what’s really in cigarettes. While we all know smoking is bad for us and can ultimately have serious consequences for our health, unless you’ve done your research you may not realise just how many nasty chemicals you’re inhaling every time you take a puff. With more than 500 potentially toxic chemicals found in cigarettes, it’s pretty hard to narrow it down to a list of just 10, but if these aren’t enough to make you think twice before lighting up, I don’t know what is!


Often used as a flavouring agent, Ammonia is probably one of the most well-known chemicals that is found in cigarettes, because it’s also a common element found in most toilet cleaning products – which seems to really stick in your mind for some reason!


You don’t even really need to know what this one is to know its bad for you, because just the name sounds scary. Arsenic is found in most smoking products and is also commonly used as an ingredient in rat poison.

Hydrogen Cyanide

This is one very harsh chemical found in some cigarettes that you may not be aware of. Hydrogen Cyanide is used in Gas Chamber Poison – just something to think about next time you take a puff!

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Why Stop Smoking Now?

Many people continue smoking even after a cancer diagnosis.

As hard as it is to believe the addiction to nicotine is stronger than than the will to live.

Some people just give up and some are fatalistic but the urge to smoke is overwhelming.

Researchers looked at 2,456 lung cancer patients and 3,063 colorectal patients and discovered that at time of diagnosis, 38 percent of the lung cancer patients and 15 percent of the colorectal patients were smokers.

Lung cancer patient Toni Manes continued to smoke after her diagnosis.
Five months later, despite a cancer diagnosis, 14 percent of the lung cancer patients were still lighting up (ditto for 9 percent of the colorectal patients).

Smoking Myths Debunked! No More Excuses to Stop Smoking

There seems to be a never ending list of excuse from smokers who fail to quite this nasty, damaging, expensive habit.

Everyone is a victim of some major roadblock to good health.

Well, the buck stops here!

Read the top myth busting facts that will help you stop smoking for good!

Myth I’ve smoked for so long; the damage is already done.

Myth Switching to ‘light’ cigarettes will cut my risk

Myth My other healthy habits may make up for my smoking.

Myth Trying to quit smoking will stress me out — and that’s unhealthy.

Myth The weight gain that comes with quitting is just as unhealthy as smoking.

Myth Quitting “cold turkey” is the only way to go

Myth Nicotine products are just as unhealthful as smoking.

Myth Cutting back on smoking is good enough

Myth I’m the only one who is hurt by my smoking.

Myth I tried quitting once and failed, so it’s no use trying again.

Government to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes as Tobacco

The FDA wants to regulate electronic cigarettes as drug devices, just as nicotine gum and smoking cessation products are regulated. Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered tubes that turn nicotine-laced liquid into a vapor.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s announcement came after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued a decision that electronic cigarettes are not drugs or devices unless they are marketed for therapeutic purposes.

In 2009, the FDA was given the authority to regulate tobacco products that are not drugs or devices.

Electronic cigarettes, marketed under names such as NJOY, mimic the act of smoking and include nicotine, but do not emit the same type of odor or ash.

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