Antibiotic Use in Livestock Coming Under Scrutiny

The Food and Drug Administration is calling for restrictions in use of antibiotics in animals.

Crowded and filthy conditions call for the use of the drugs to prevent illness in the animals which could be passed on to humans.

However, it seems that the antibiotics are indeed being passed on to humans and helping to create super-bugs which are becoming increasingly drug resistant.

Some 80 percent of antibiotic drugs in the United States were sold for use in food animals, according to the FDA. Many of those are used to help animals grow faster and prevent infections from breaking out on big farms. Today’s announcement on cephalosporins doesn’t affect those antibiotics in feed.

Still, the more the cephalosporins are used, the greater the chances that they will stop working because bacteria can become resistant to them.

Drug-Resistant Bacteria Found in U.S. Meat

Drug-resistant staphylococcus has been found in 47 perecent of meat sold in the U.S.

The staph bacteria is linked to a range of health problems from rashes and respiratory ailments to potentially fatal illnesses such as sepsis and endocarditis.

The meat industry is putting American health at risk everyday.

There can be no viable healthcare without serious reform of the FDA and it’s negligent oversight of the food industry.

Superbugs Threaten Health World Wide

Called New Delhi metallobeta-lactamase, or NDM-1 for short, the enzyme destroys carbapenems, an important group of antibiotics used for difficult infections in hospitals, and has been found in a wide variety of bacterial types.

Although there is no threat to the U.S as of the yet, the developement of new antibiotics to fight superbugs has come to a halt.

If these bugs spread we are certainly at risk for a disaster and a threat to modern medicine as we know it.

Read the full article for all the details.

Some experts warn health-care provision is in danger of reverting back to a pre-antibiotic era in which hip replacements, care of preterm babies and advanced cancer treatment are no longer possible.

Abuse of antibiotic use in helthcare and livestock has increased superbug resistance to these therapies.

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