Insurers to Pay for Birth Control for Women

Viagra has been covered for years now the antidote will be covered, as well!

Birth control will now be covered for women without co-pays.

The move to make contraception free to women is one of eight new measures aimed at providing “preventive health services” to women, the HHS said. They follow on recommendations from a report issued July 19 by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), which advises the federal government.

The Government is Working Toward Equal Health Care for All

Health and Human Services Director, Howard Ko, is trying to close the gap between rich and poor and the disparities in health care between these groups.

From higher infant mortality to lower life expectancy, the poor and minorities suffer the worst inequities within the health care system.

The government is taking steps toward fixing the problem without straining the budget.

The plan being released Friday runs the gamut from improving dental care for poor children to tapping “promotoras,” savvy community health workers who can help guide their Spanish-speaking neighbors in seeking treatment.

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