Wealthy Are Less Ethical Than Average Earners, Study Finds

Fueled with an enhanced sense of entitlement and greed, studies show that the rich are more likely to lie and cheat for personal gain.

He got the idea for the study watching people cut others off at a four-way intersection. His sense was that the most aggressive drivers were the ones with the most expensive cars. To test this, his first experiment tabulated the behavior of 274 drivers at that same intersection. Sure enough, drivers of expensive cars were the most likely to cut others off, he found.

So, just because someone seems to have it all don’t don’t expect them to be more generous.

Beer Goggles or Bad Judgment?

Making bad decisions because you’ve had too much to drink can be an easy way out for some.

But research suggests that while inebriated we are still aware that what we are doing is wrong; we simply don’t care all that much.

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