A Few Reasons For Why You Are Always Cold

Like many people, especially women, are you always cold?

Here are a few common reasons to explain why you are always cold.

* Skipping meals – The body conserves energy and produces less heat when you don’t eat.

* Not getting enough sleep – This can make you feel rundown and less active.

* Anemia – A simple blood test can detect if you are anemic.* Hormonal imbalances – In women, fluctuating estrogen levels can make you sensitive to cold temperatures.

* Raynaud’s disease – The blood vessels and smaller arteries that supply blood to the skin constrict and limit circulation.

* Low body weight – Alvarez said he is referring to muscle mass and body fat. Using your muscles generates heat, and fat acts as insulation.

Could You be One of the 10 Million Women Who Suffer from Thyroid Disorder?

Millions of women suffer from sudden weight gain dry skin, hair loss, forgetfulness, fatigue, frequent chills, constipation, and irregular periods.

But at what time do you attribute these symptoms to normal aging and the stresses of life opposed to a thyroid problem?

Many women suffer when a simple blood test could point to a problem which can be fixed by a prescription from their doctor.

If you find yourself suffering consult your physician for answers.

A sluggish thyroid may be the problem.

Lodged between the voice box and the collarbone, and wrapped around the windpipe, the thyroid helps control your body’s energy supply. The butterfly-shaped gland pumps out thyroid hormone, a powerful chemical that regulates metabolism and body temperature, says endocrinologist Jeffrey Powell, M.D., of Northern Westchester Hospital in New York. It also works with just about every system in your body to keep your brain sharp, your bowels moving, your periods regular, and your skin, nails, and hair healthy. Think of the thyroid like a car’s gas and brake pedals rolled into one: It can speed up or slow down the rate at which your body burns through its fuel supply.

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