More Salmonella at Cargill Inc. Turkey Plant

The same Arkansas plant which recalled 36 million pounds of ground turkey last month has yet again found salmonella after recent testing following a temporary shutdown.

More ground turkey has been recalled due to a suspicion of salmonella.

Salmonella Outbreak leads to the Recall of 36 Million lbs. of Turkey

The Agriculture Department and the Minnesota-based company announced Wednesday evening that Cargill is recalling fresh and frozen ground turkey products produced at the company’s Springdale, Ark., plant from Feb. 20 through Aug. 2 due to possible contamination from the strain of salmonella linked to 76 illnesses and the one death.

Illnesses in the outbreak date back to March and have been reported in 26 states coast to coast. Just before the recall announcement Wednesday, CDC epidemiologist Christopher Braden said he thought health authorities were closing in on the suspect. He said some leftover turkey in a package at a victim’s house was confirmed to contain the strain of salmonella linked to the outbreak.

In announcing the recall, Cargill officials said all ground turkey production has been suspended at the Springdale plant until the company is able to determine the source of the contamination.

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