Fitness In 20 Minutes

Fitness writer, Gretchen Reynolds’ latest book, “The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can: Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer”, Hudson Street Press, offers insight into the science of fitness.

Reynolds explains that for those who are primarily sedentary, the first 20 minutes of moving offers the greatest benefit to health.

“Humans are born to stroll”, she writes.

The message is that moving is better than not moving.

While the subtitle alone makes bold promises about the potential of exercise to protect the human body, the most surprising message from Ms. Reynolds is not that we all need to exercise more — or at least not the way exercise is typically defined by the American public. Ms. Reynolds makes a clear distinction between the amount of exercise we do to improve sports performance and the amount of exercise that leads to better health. To achieve the latter, she explains, we don’t need to run marathons, sweat it out on exercise bikes or measure our peak oxygen uptake. We just need to do something.

This is a great book for the immoveable masses who feel that only a gym membership or daily marathons can get them into shape.

Knowing that simply moving for a relatively short period of time, a highly achievable goal, can put them on the road to health and longevity.

Follow Your Inner Farmer or Hunter To Lose Weight

There always seems to be some new gimmick when it comes to weight loss and Dr. Mark Liponis, author of The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution is offering up his.

Liponis posits that these two types have different body compositions, and fat storing mechanisms which could benefit from either a hunter or farmer based diet.

“These people are really very different kinds of people, and they need different eating strategies and different diets to lose weight,” Liponis said. “The hunter is the one who is putting on weight more around the middle of the body….The farmer puts on weight more under the skin and in the hips, the thigh area.”

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