Incidence Of Autism Higher Than In Past Decade

Rates of autism have risen from 1 in 100 children to 1 in 88.

April is Autism Awareness month and new figures released today in a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shown higher than expected incidence of autism.

“One thing the data tells us with certainty — there are many children and families who need help,” said Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC. “We must continue to track autism spectrum disorders because this is the information communities need to guide improvements in services to help children,” Frieden said.

Autism spectrum disorders are developmental disabilities that can cause language delays, impaired social and communication skills and repetitive behaviors. The group of disorders includes classic autism, as well as less severe forms of the condition, such as Asperger’s syndrome.

Increased awareness has led to more accurate diagnosis.

The earlier a correct diagnosis can be made the sooner intervention can begin.

Autism May Start in the Womb

Autism may begin in the womb.

This theory may offer some relief to parents who believe vaccines are the cause of autism.

The new science suggests that an overgrowth of brain cells in early embryonic development is responsible for the symptoms of autism.

“In autism something is going terribly wrong with mechanisms that control the number of neurons beginning in prenatal life and may extend to perinatal and early post-natal life,” says lead author Eric Courchesne, Ph.D. When there are too many brain cells, the brain can’t wire itself up correctly. If there’s too much wiring in the prefrontal cortex, it could help explain why children with autism have poor social skills, difficulty communicating and why some may never learn to speak at all.

Meningitis Vaccine Now Recommended for 9 Month Old Babies

Meningitis vaccines are now being given to 9 month old babies.

This raises the number of inoculations to over 20 before baby’s first birthday.

For parents concerned about the effect of inoculations this comes as just more bad news.

What has been occurring is a surge among the very young with vaccine injury related deaths, as in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), various forms of paralysis, disabling seizures, autism spectrum behavior often with extreme bowel disorders, ADHD, asthma, and food allergies. The kids are worse off now than before.

Most of these alarming events have occurred shortly after vaccinations, especially after a barrage of multiple shots in one day, or within the same time frame as a scheduled series.

While there has been no direct link acknowledged by the medical community between childhood vaccines and SIDS, Autism, Seizures or mental defect it has also not been disproven to the satisfaction of many parents.

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