Take control of your life

We discuss all aspects of health here, including dealing with disease and serious health issues. But for your overall health and wellness, there’s nothing more important than the basics. This article on how to take back your life has simple pearls of wisdom for your physical health along with your emotional and spiritual health.

1. Get sufficient sleep every night. Sleep is often the single most undervalued behavior in our lives and the one with the most immediate power to improve our experience in every waking moment. If you sleep in the 6-6½ hour range, like the average American, just one more hour of sleep a night will leave you feeling more physically energized, emotionally resilient, and mentally clear.

2. Move more. It’s not only good for your heart’s health, but also for your mental health. Do some form of exercise that significantly raises your heart rate for 30 minutes at least four times a week and move frequently during the day.

3. Eat less, more often. Food is fuel. Lean proteins and complex carbohydrates are high-octane fuel. You’re best off when you keep feeding your internal furnace in small doses throughout the day, beginning with breakfast.

Read the rest of the article and you might find yourself coming back to this list often.

Can Eating With Friends Make You Fat?

People who eat together tend to mimic their dining partner.

Whether it is competitive eating or empathetic dining it really does happen; subconsciously.

Researchers say the findings help explain previous studies showing that people tend to adjust their food intake — up or down — to match that of their eating companions, and tend to eat more with others than when dining alone.
“This demonstrates the power of social influence over food intake,” says lead author Roel Hermans, a doctoral candidate in developmental psychopathology at Radboud University Nijmegen, in the Netherlands.

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