Keeping Quiet About Your Weight Loss Goals is the Secret to Success

Losing weight is as easy as zipping your lips!

Just telling others about your plans creates a sense of accomplishment that could derail your ultimate goal of losing weight.

Keeping your plans to diet to yourself also eliminates the conflict with those who might not want to see you succeed.

The advice seems counterintuitive. Weight Watchers and similar groups tout support as a major reason for their programs’ success, and studies have found that accountability is important in accomplishing a goal. But telling family, friends and Facebook about your diet plans could have a detrimental effect, some experts say.

Weight Watchers Wins With Most Pounds Lost

Weight Watchers is more effective for weight loss than physician assisted programs.

In some ways this comes as a surprise, in other ways it seems logical that a group committed to nothing but weight loss and maintenance would be the hands down winner.

People in the Weight Watchers group were three times more likely than the other participants to lose 10% or more of their initial body weight. And nearly two-thirds of the Weight Watchers users lost 5% or more of their body weight, versus one-third in the other group.
“Those really are medically very significant numbers,” Jensen says. “For overweight or obese people, that kind of loss results in pretty substantial improvements in health and disease risk—to the point where, if you’re on medication for blood pressure or cholesterol or diabetes and you can [lose] 10% of your weight, you’ve got at least a reasonable chance of decreasing or discontinuing that medication.”

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