10 of the Nastiest Chemicals Found In Cigarette Smoke

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If you’re a smoker or someone close to you is, you may be surprised to find out what’s really in cigarettes. While we all know smoking is bad for us and can ultimately have serious consequences for our health, unless you’ve done your research you may not realise just how many nasty chemicals you’re inhaling every time you take a puff. With more than 500 potentially toxic chemicals found in cigarettes, it’s pretty hard to narrow it down to a list of just 10, but if these aren’t enough to make you think twice before lighting up, I don’t know what is!


Often used as a flavouring agent, Ammonia is probably one of the most well-known chemicals that is found in cigarettes, because it’s also a common element found in most toilet cleaning products – which seems to really stick in your mind for some reason!


You don’t even really need to know what this one is to know its bad for you, because just the name sounds scary. Arsenic is found in most smoking products and is also commonly used as an ingredient in rat poison.

Hydrogen Cyanide

This is one very harsh chemical found in some cigarettes that you may not be aware of. Hydrogen Cyanide is used in Gas Chamber Poison – just something to think about next time you take a puff!

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Fighting sugar addiction

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Dr. Robert Lustig has a new book out called “Fat Chance” that addresses the huge problems caused by excessive consumption of sugar, which is a real problem in this country. Watch this video and you’ll realize that you need to be very cognizant of how much sugar you are consuming. This is particularly important if you’re a parent.

The biggest issue involves hidden sugar in processed foods, like salad dressing, hamburger buns, BBQ sauce etc. It’s a labeling issue and an issue about government subsidies for the sugar and corn industries.

Baldness tied to heart disease?

Recent studies show some link between baldness and heart disease. Check out the video for more information.

5 Tips To Prevent Facial Wrinkles With Age

woman having upscale lunch

Wrinkles form on the skin as it grows old. Apart from the age of the skin itself, there are several other contributing factors to facial wrinkles such as smoking cigarette and UV Rays. Daily stress can also lead to its formation.

Facial wrinkles will form with age as it’s a natural process, but there are several remedies available that can be used to prevent and delay that glowing skin of young age from hitting the dimmer switch early.

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The importance of relieving stress

The holidays are here, and this should be a time of the year where we unwind and recharge our batteries. Unfortunately, for many people the hustle and bustle of the holiday season drives up their stress level, with the need to get work done before vacation, screaming kids at home from school and of course the need to fight the crowds to get Christmas gifts.

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