More Reasons To Eat Well….Your Future Grandchildren

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What you eat now can affect the DNA of future generations.

Avoiding toxins and eating the most healthy diet possible can help fuel the future for success.

Epigenetics refers to changes in gene expression from outside forces. Different from a mutation, epigenetic changes lie not in the DNA itself but rather in its surroundings — the enzymes and other chemicals that orchestrate how a DNA molecule unwinds its various sections to make proteins or even new cells.

Recent studies have shown how nutrition dramatically alters the health and appearance of otherwise identical mice. A group led by Randy Jirtle of Duke University demonstrated how mouse clones implanted as embryos in separate mothers will have radical differences in fur color, weight, and risk for chronic diseases depending on what that mother was fed during pregnancy.

Is Ronald McDonald bad for kids?

The first Ronald was the TV weatherman Willard Scott in his younger years.

Scott had been doing Bozo the Clown on local television.

When the show was canceled, an enterprising McDonald’s franchise asked him to come up with a clown figure that would lure the kids into the restaurant.

Ray Kroc, owner of McDonald’s, saw the clown, liked the idea and extended it to the whole country.

Adults bear an enormous responsibility for the obesity epidemic among children.

Yet there’s also no question that even conscientious parents and guardians, who really do try to do well by kids and teach them healthy life choices, are not playing on a level field.

They’re going up against billions of dollars spent every year in corporate marketing, all aimed at teaching kids to make exactly the opposite sorts of choices

The fast-food giant hit back at a group of 550 doctors and health-care professionals who took out ads in U.S. newspapers demanding that the company do away with its redheaded clown mascot and its other marketing towards kids.

“Stop making the next generation sick — retire Ronald and the rest of your junk-food marketing to kids,” said Dr. Steven Rothschild, an associate professor of preventative medicine at Rush Medical College in a release on Wednesday.

Despite Assurances on Milk Safety , Radiation Fear Continues

The alarm was sounded on Wednesday, when federal officials announced that tests had detected a trace amount of iodine 131 in milk.

Although we may never know the extent of radiation exposure to the food supply; the alarm hasn’t gone off.

Be reasonably cautious about food purchases.

“I’ve had members call to ask whether we’ve seen the media, and media calling to ask how this is impacting our members,” said Michael Marsh, the chief executive of Western United Dairymen, the milk industry’s West Coast trade association. Mr. Marsh said he had repeated the assurances given by officials, but he also understood the fears in the supermarket’s refrigerated aisle.

Eating Fresh Foods May Cut Exposure to BPA

Eating fresh is not a luxury nowadays, it could mean your very health.

We are surrounded by BPA (Bisphenol A) at every corner of our home, car, office, stores and it’s very important to eliminate BPA as much as we can at least in OUR KITCHEN.

Considering that we wrap our food, carry our food or store our food in plastic we should be aware of its use and do so as a last resort.

In September 2010, Canada became the first country to declare BPA as a toxic substance. In the European Union and Canada, BPA use is banned in baby bottles.

“We found just by substituting fresh foods with limited packaging for three days, we reduced exposure levels in these participants by more than half,”

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